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Protocol Search Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: The trials that you find in the search tool are not the only trials available at Penn State Hershey.

To search for a clinical trial (protocol), use the search options to the left.
  • Keyword searches the Title and Summary of a trial. You may enter all or part of a word when entering a keyword. For example, entering "can" would return results that include the words "can" and "cancer".
  • To limit the search results to a specific Age, Phase, Cancer Prevention or Cancer Control, click the appropriate option.
  • To select multiple Disease Sites, Drugs, or Therapies, click on any empty space within that input box.
  • To deselect a previously selected Disease Site, Drug, or Therapy, click the "x" on the option you would like to deselect.
  • To start your search, select the Search button located below the search options.
  • To clear your search options and start over, select the Clear button below the search options.


Phase I clinical trials are typically not disease specific and can be searched separately by selecting "I".

Cancer Prevention clinical trials test whether taking certain medicines, vitamins, minerals, or food supplements may lower the risk of a certain type of cancer.

Cancer Control clinical trials test whether certain drugs reduce side effects from chemotherapy and other primary treatments.

For further information on any of our clinical trials, please use the contact information found on the protocol's individual summary page.